Look Up There's Starlight

Look Up There's Starlight

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Other name: 抬頭有星光 , Tai Tou You Xing Guang , 曼陀花开 , Man Tuo Hua Kai , 假面娇妻 , Jia Mian Jiao Qi , You Are My Starlight

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Business, Romance, Suspense


A tragic accident turns the life of a young woman upside down. Revolving in the world of high fashion, the story follows an innocent Cinderella who is reborn as a domineering CEO. Xue Qiluo once thought that she had the perfect love, yet she lost everything in a fire on the day of her boyfriend Lu Zhiyao's (Niu Zifan) engagement to his fiancee. Three years later, Xue Qiluo returns as Qin Shu (Liu Jia), the president of a company entering into the Chinese market for haute couture. With the Lu Group being a strong opponent, Qin Shu finds her way back into Lu Zhiyao's life.
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